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We commit ourselves to Caring the life and protecting the environment, penetrate the mind of environmental protection into the process of  researching, production, management and living .We stick to energy saving and emission reduction as the important standard of researching and production. Since from the onproduction, we always according to the requests of environmental production to promote the standard,keep pace with the times ,try our best to improve the level of environmental protection.

In 2006, company in according with the principle “Three meanwhile” of environmental production to establish FUZHOU DAIHEI INK CO.,LTD. carry through the estimate of environmental production and optimize the project and invest a large of fund to build the secondary biological wastewater treatment process and dedusting and gas cleaning processing system. These projects were passed the completion acceptance from Fuzhou city environmental protection organization.
In 2007,the production which we researching and develop got the SOYBEAN OIL INK environmental protection certification from A.S.A. Also the production up to the standard of EN71,RoHS,ASTM,REACH,CE,UL,Fcc and etc.
In 2009, Fuzhou factory got the permit for pollutant discharge.
In 2010, Fuzhou factory carry out the ISO 14001environment manage system.
In Oct,2010, our company cooperate with Japan enterprise in environmental production products, and succeed in researching and produced the NON-VOC waterless printing ink and sale to our market.
In Jan,2011, Fuzhou factory passed the estimate of Fujian province clean production center and got the title of “Cleaner Production Enterprise”.